The Business Building Principle At The Core of Local AdLinks

The goal of any business project is increased revenue and profits. If in some way the idea, project, technology is not able to be measured in terms of increased profitability why bother?  A key marketing principle is the best customer is one you already have while you work on programs to bring in more profitable customers.  Profitable business is earned one customer at at time which is why even the largest global companies that are very successful have a laser beam focus on customer satisfaction.

Local AdLink is an emerging business with a tool that is intended to help grow revenue and profits. It is an exciting idea and I became intrigued because their business model aligns with the business purpose of connecting with local customers and  prospects.

A couple years ago I purchased an ebook for I think $17 or something like and it was about a guy implement local business to customer marketing.  I looked at what he was doing and concluded it made sense.  So I set up a program at  Very shortly after that a guy contacted me about a car wash and related services business he had in the Midwest. So  we tested this and in six weeks a credible list of 1400 subscribers was developed. Ultimately his business was sold and one of the assets was this list.

Unless You Are Building An Asset, Marketing Dollars Are Essentially Being Flushed Down The Toilet

When I noticed Local AdLinks I concluded that it fit well with the asset building model I advocate.  I also concluded my skill set was best directed to teaching Business Builder how to do this.  We are just starting. However the people who join Local AdLinks with my my team receive an amazing income earning potential business model and support.

The following letter was sent to a local business today (hand delivered) and demonstrates the basic program I advocate.  Notice the entry fee.  Team members who sell this receive 40 %  of the revenue. Do the math.  If you don’t join my group, you should steal this letter and program because it is the one that will work for any (for profit) company.  That is right – any.

Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit, The Profit Expert

Now Here Is The Letter I Mentioned

I R Consulting, Inc.
Steve Pohlit, President

Dry Cleaners and Car Wash

Executive Summary of Business To Consumer Marketing System and Pricing

Business Goal : Increase revenue and profits using proven on line marketing tools and techniques.

Implementation: Jean Levy will coordinate the detailed implementation plan. Steve Pohlit is accountable for final product and implementation.

Tools and Techniques

Website descriptive and keyword search engine optimized: Ex Largo Florida Dry Cleaner. I understand the business has a domain name. For this program, the dns addresses of the domain should point to my server to allow access for design and edits.

Customer Contact Form on web page: normally we use first name, email address and phone number. The phone number is optional. The contact form is designed using an autoresponder system which essentially is a system that automates messages to people who register.

Autoresponder Sequence: generally a series of messages designed to entice people to the business. We draft these messages and there will be 8 developed delivered at a rate of approximately two per week during the first month. Then 2-4 per month in subsequent months. We rely on the business to help us with the content and promotions for these messages .

Local Adlink 10 Zip code package: this is an innovative system where local companies receive ad placement on 129 search engines and the Local Adlink website. Upon acceptance of this proposal, Jean Levi will meet with you to review all the advantages of Local Adlink which are extensive. This should be tested for a minimum of 3-6 months. All ads we design will include an image and an incentive for tracking purposes. The incentive will be a coupon with an offer defined by Capri. We suggest 20% your next dry cleaning order, Free Car Wash with dry cleaning order receipts totaling $100 and 20% off your next car wash. Note all customers taking advantage of the promotion agree to provide a valid email address for the discount.

Point of Sale Customer Contact Program: Use a 20% off your next order coupon in exchange for name and valid email. Incentive to front desk staff. Offer $.50 for each valid name and email address form submitted.


$1,900 paid up front. For this price:

1-2 page website – you own the site
customer contact form
autoresponder and message sequence
Local AdLink ad
Consultation on implementing Point of Sale Customer Contact Program

Monthly – following the first month of implementation
$100. 00 Maintenance of customer contact program, autoresponder account and messaging
$100.00 Local Ad Link test for 3-6 months

We accept PayPal or a check. If paying by check, we will give the deposit information for the Wachovia Bank next door.


This is a powerful program when worked consistently and normally takes 60-90 days to see meaningful results and return on investment. The key to success is consistent implementation which actually builds the asset base of your business.


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