Build Profits: 7 Step Marketing Plan plus How To Market With No Cash

Jay Conrad Levinson is known for his “gorilla marketing”  advice.  He recently listed on Rich Shefron’s blog his 7 Step Simple Marketing Plan.  I read this today and thought you might like it before we get to the main topic. This is a very good guide to remember.  Here they are: (for the complete blog article Click Here )

1) What is the purpose of your marketing? (What action do you want them to take?)

2) What is the main competitive advantage you stress to achieve that action/purpose? (What main benefit do you offer that your competitors do not?)

3) Who is your target audience?

4) Which marketing “weapons” will you use to achieve that action/purpose? (Expressed as a list.)

5) For your market niche, what do you stand for?

6) What is your identity, your personality?

7) What is your marketing budget? (as a percentage of your projected gross sales)

How To Market Your Business With Little or No Cash

Most consultants and authors offering training programs and services assume you have the cash to implement a sound marketing plan.  That is often a misguided assumption and this begins  to address a common issue of marketing with little or no cash. Many entrepreneurs and companies are experiencing a cash crunch.

The following steps are essential for marketing your business when you have no cash. They are also essential when you do have cash. Cash will help you advance your results faster.

The  Most Important Step – Always –  and There Are No Exceptions:

Spend Most of Your Time Marketing Your Business. This is a mindset coupled with a commitment and knowing what is productive time. Jay did not list this. Most do not. This is the number one item I work on with companies and with people I coach. This is the number one item I work on for my own ventures.  This is also a challenge for most people since it is easy saying “I was busy today”.  I say if you are not working on building new business and strengthening what you have,  most other activities are just busy work.

Second Step: Know How To Use The Tools Requiring No Money and Those Most Helpful When You Have Money

If you are reading this you are on line somehow and I realize there is a cost for a connection. A computer and a connection are required.  They cost money.  They are essential tools.  This article is how to market when you have little or no cash. You have to have a connection to market even if you are an off line based business.

How To Market When You Have Little or No Cash.

1. A web site is now required for credibility  and I recommend using  blog technology in most cases. If your business needs an html based web site fine.  You still need a blog.
2. Use social media to drive traffic to your blog.  The primary social media sites for driving traffic are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
3. Your goal is strengthening the relationship with your visitors and encouraging them to become part of your list. Even when you are selling a product on line, your primary goal when using the no money marketing approach based on social media traffic is to move your target audience from your social media network to your list where you can communicate with them.

Facebook groups have similar characteristics of an email list.  However, at no time will pounding on your network to buy from you be an effective marketing  strategy.  The Build Profits Group on Facebook is a good example.  All the content sent to the group is intended to be of value. At the same time there is no secret as to my business ventures and professional services.

I used and continue to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the development and growth of three businesses that have cash profits this year. Last year two of the three did not  exist.  Two of the Three took less than $100 cash. Manifest Mastermind was less than $1,000.  Today all are marketed using social media.. time yes, cash no.

Manifest Mastermind:
New Digital Media, Inc
IR Consulting, Inc

I use one autoresponder account for all businesses and lists. I use one hosting account for all domains. If you have no cash you can use blogger and by-pass the autoresponder.  When you have some cash, convert your blogs to a WordPress based platform with individual C-Panel access. If you don’t know why you need these tools,  learn. I feel an autoresponder is a must have tool for building a list. No matter what is being discussed in social media circles, email is still very important and valuable.  So if you cannot afford an autoresponder, then track your email list manually until you can afford it.

Once I had built some cash flow, I outsourced certain of the work required to continue building the social media network and continue to do so.  Notice earlier I mentioned I do not spend cash on marketing. However, I do leverage my time which is very valuable. I view the development of your own social media network essential for business and your social media network is an  asset. I work on this everyday – everyday.

I do not outsource content origination meaning blog articles, posts to Facebook groups,  Tweets and autoresponder messages. Some of this work can be outsourced. I do all of it now and some of it soon, will be  outsourced.  However, some content cannot be outsourced as it is my voice.

I will cover key points in building your social media network in the next article.

The easiest way to follow this series is to become a member of  my Facebook Group Build Profits. Register for my list.  What is in it for you?  Candidly the information you receive here in most instances is more valuable than programs you will pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for.  Why do I offer this information?  Because some people will want me to become part of my Executive Coaching Program,  some companies will want my consulting services and some will want help in building their social media network. Most of all some people will write and say ” I followed what you wrote and it worked – thank you”  That my friends is the greatest reward of all.

Sending you energy of health, happiness, prosperity

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About: Steve Pohlit is a CPA,MBA and has been the CFO of several major domestic and international companies.  Steve is a business owner and an expert business consultant focused on building profits and net asset value. He is very experienced with Internet marketing and social media marketing.  All articles published by Steve unless specifically restricted may be freely published with this resource information.