Wayne Allyn Root Speaks On How To Be Successful In Today’s Economic and Business Climate

Wayne Allyn Root
I started working with Wayne about 18 months ago as the host of a monthly call for those who have subscribed to this program.

During this time I am honored to say we have developed a friendship that has continued to grow. I am grateful for what I have learned. As an example I have revamped my own “positive addictions” program based on his inspiration. I have expanded my awareness of US and global economic conditions and the impact of outrageously stupid governmental policies on people domestically and internationally. I have advanced my own expertise in the area of business success and especially marketing. And there are times when I share an experience that helps Wayne…demonstrating even the best minds and leaders are always open to learning.

For more on Wayne visit http://rootforamerica.com and http://winningedge.com

Wayne Speaks On Success In Today’s Economy

1. We need tremendous energy and focus to flourish in a difficult economy and we are in one. How do you develop this energy? Positive Addictions! While I am not able to detail here his positive addictions program I have published a very important article Getting Unstuck In addition I have started a website dedicated to the energy that Wayne is talking about and more. That site is Health Rewards Now

2. Once we know how to fuel the mindset and physical energy required to be relentless in our mission we need to have the daily discipline to fuel our momentum

3. We all need a mentor and coach and since I am a coach if you feel this is self serving so be it. I have a several key mentors and coaches. Wayne is a key mentor of mine.

4. Wayne said each one of his businesses is down significantly from several years ago. What does he do about it? He is passionate about not losing a customer or client and he is equally as passionate about doing more to grow. He was recently appointed as CEO of a a public nutritional company and added that responsibility to his already full agenda. One thing about Wayne …he is passionate about everything he does and always says yes to an opportunity that is synergistic.

5. That is what I can share for now. Well there is one more thing—Romney will win and Wayne has all the reasons why. Like his Facebook page and you will understand. I am very happy that Wayne is so certain and as he says…”if I am wrong God help America”.

Steve Pohlit, International Business
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Steve Pohlit

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