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Kaizen is the Japanese term meaning continuous incremental improvements. As applies to the goal of Success Mastery, Kaizen means improving every aspect of ourselves continuously. Author Robin Sharma writes in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrrari that those who experience deep happiness daily are prepared to defer short-term pleasure for the sake of long term fulfillment. They attack their weaknesses and fears head -on even if that means dipping into the zone of the unknown brings with it a measure of discomfort. By resolving to improve every aspect of themselves continuously, with time things that were once difficult become easy. Fears that once prevented them from all the happiness, health and prosperity they deserved, fall to the wayside.

Are you holding back from making the calls, having the meetings, attending the events, getting the coaching that will make a huge difference in your life. Are you spending the time doing the work that I and others offer for free in blogs like this one and my Manifest Mastermind program? Are you spending time with successful people who are moving forward with prosperity and demonstrating happiness with who they are and what they do.?

If not why not? If not when?



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