Summary of Twitter Trends and Benefits by Jeff Walker

This email from Jeff Walker is an excellent summary of Twitter and is republished intact including all links. The only question is with over 7,500 followers why is Jeff only following 1%  back?  I really don’t see how not following people is in the spirit of social media. I welcome comments on this topic.  

To The Point:  Here is Jeff’s article which is very good.

You’ve probably heard of Twitter by now. It’s the
latest thing that all the cool kids are playing
with.  🙂
And it’s also going to be an absolutely HUGE
business tool. In my opinion, we’re literally just
seeing the very tip of the iceberg.
I’ve actually been active on Twitter for almost
two years, and I’ve been watching it very
carefully during that time… it’s been evolving
VERY quickly, and the pace of that evolution just
keeps increasing.
(You can follow me on Twitter at this
So here’s what I’m seeing on Twitter right now…
Real world celebrities are showing up on Twitter.
One person that I’ve been watching is Lance
Armstrong (it’s a natural since I’m so into
bicycling)… Lance joined Twitter just a few
months ago, and he already has over 233,000
This summer when he races in the Tour
de France, I’m sure his Twitter updates will be
mentioned many times during coverage of the
race… and all of a sudden Twitter will hit the
I’m predicting that Lance will have over 1 million
followers by the end of July.
And other celebrities are already taking notice.
When they realize that they can build a following
that they can control directly (ie, they don’t
have to depend on mainstream media) AND that they
can monetize that following in various ways…
well, look out. We’ll soon have every movie star,
TV star, rock star, and athletic star on Twitter.
Naturally, all their fans will follow.
Are you starting to see why I think Twitter is
going to be huge?
Now a few important things:
1. Lots of people say they don’t “get” Twitter.
Maybe you’re one of them. I suggest you just go
ahead and sign up (it’s free), and then start
following a few people. You’ll catch on quickly.
2. It’s the functionality behind Twitter that’s
important… and will continue to be important.
Whether is the ultimate winner, or
whether some competitor comes along and beats
them, this type of site will be a long term
3. You want to stake out your spot on Twitter –
it’s clearly a viral tool. The bigger your
presence on Twitter, the faster your presence will
grow. So if you haven’t started building your
Twitter following, then start doing it RIGHT NOW.
4. There’s lots of self-appointed “Twitter Police”
out there that think they know how Twitter should
be used. The reality is that there’s a hundred
different ways to use Twitter… so experiment
with it until you find the way you want to use it.
5. There’s a TON of third-party sites and software
programs to use with Twitter. They can make the
site a lot more fun and useful.
The one that I think is most important and useful
is the search function at – you can use that to
track what people are saying about you, or your
company, or your competitors. It’s awesome,
instantaneous feedback.
6. If you want to get up to speed fast on Twitter,
you should check out TwitterPower… which is a
brand-new book by Joel Comm. You can get it at at this link:
(By the way, that’s NOT an affiliate link.)
7. Remember… follow me on Twitter – I put up all
kinds of cool things there, including some insider
breaking news stuff. Here’s the link:
8. Oh yeah… Twitter can be very addicting. Try
to limit yourself to small doses. Set a timer when
you check Twitter – give yourself 5 or 10 minutes.
And don’t blame me if you get completely addicted.
best regards,
Courtesy of Steve Pohlit
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  1. Great article, Mr. J and thanks to YOU, Mr. S for reposting.

    I agree on the “addictive” part. Lordy!

    Thanks again for sharing your insight.

    Keep the faith and keep moving forward!

    TrueBeliever & HopeDealer

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