The Wisdom of Dr. Nido Qubein

Nido is the President of High Point University.  He is also the majority shareholder of Great Harvest Bread Company and board member for 15 other companies.  Nido coaches JT Foxx and several other people I know personally including a coach I work with and a very successful JT Foxx student partner who I have been coaching for nearly a year.

Recently I attended a special two day meeting at High Point University and for part of one of the days Nido addressed our group.  I have listened to Nido CD’s and have watched a number of his presentations which can be found on YouTube.  Nothing compares to meeting the man in person. His energy is exemplary and everyone he touches is influenced by his philosophy, wisdom and achievements.

A Sample of The Wisdom of Dr. Nido Qubein

  • Adopt a mission of excellence in everything
  • Nido lost his dad at age 6. The one thing he would do if he could would be to have a longer relationship with his dad. His guidance is ..fate is what it is.  The positive is his mother was very influencial with a key lesson being when you decide what you want to be associate with people who already achieved what you want.
  • Out of any adversity is the seed of abundance if you allow it.
  • If you take risk out of the equation,  you remove the opportunity as well.
  • What you choose is what you get.
  • Many people make a “to do” list.  Few make a “to be” list.
  • It is ok to be disappointed. It is not ok to be discouraged.
  • Personally he focuses on multiple streams of revenue and continually developing relationship capital

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