Leverage Is The Key To Building Business Profits

90% of the people I know who are focused on building business profits think of doing most of the work themselves and the remaining 10% who have addressed leverage do so by hiring employees or virtual resources.  None of these options would allow me to achieve the business plan for Tampa Capital Partners.

I am a business coach and consultant.  My plan is to continue providing those professional services.  They help me continually expand my network of increasingly successful people.  “Your network is your net worth” as I have heard many times from JT Foxx is absolutely true.

As my network expands I see the key reasons for businesses success. Those are:

…a focused plan developed with an experienced coach. and

..taking action.

There are more factors however. with those two in place your chances of success are greater than 90%.

Do I have a coach? Absolutely!  That is the key action step I took going into 2011 and my mindset has shifted far beyond what I had imagined. JT has 5 coaches, including:  George Ross, Jay Abraham and  Nido Qubein. Everyone who works with JT, myself included benefits from the coaching he receives because he teaches us what he learns.  The sharing of what works is the number one benefit of the being coached when that coach has relevant experience for you.

Leverage Being The Key To Business Profits

I decided to aggressively develop Tampa Capital Partners.  I knew I needed resources to do that. I decided to use a pay for performance model since I was not interested in simply paying people for tasks. I intend to develop a team of people who are very success oriented and see the synergy that develops when the pieces and parts come together.

Not long ago I published an article in support of my idea of  the Tampa Capital Partners Apprentice Program Just weeks later as a result of networking for team members, there are six people being trained on detailed tasks that are required to build real estate property leads, evaluating deals , submitting offers and closing deals. All of this is progressing while I am often thousands of miles away for 3 or 4 days out of the week.

I am now beginning to coach select clients on how to develop their own apprentice model and soon I will be publishing specific examples of transactional success.

Action Steps

Get A Business Coach!

If you already have a business with more than 10 employees, Hire A Consultant who is able to work with you part of the time on-site.

Experience the powerful energy of an amazing business development and networking event. Join me at MEGAPartnering. If you do be sure to register for VIP. If registration is closed, call me and I will help you.

Would you like to be in the next group of millionaires?

Contact me now.

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