Ways To Ignite Economic Growth As Seen At The New York Post

I am delighted to see an increase in articles devoted to acknowledging the severe situation the US is in and the extreme inadequacy of  Obama’s leadership from the day he took office and the extension of this poor performance to the members of congress and most leaders at the state and local level.

John Crudele Advocates Some Interesting Solutions Published By The New York Post

In summary

$1.00 reduction in gasoline prices adds $140 billion to what is available to spend on other things

There is $15 trillion locked in private retirement accounts that could become easy to use for buying homes and contribute to solving the housing crisis.

There is $1 trillion of corporate earnings locked overseas since the tax rate of returning that money is 35%

Click Here to Read John’s Report and come back here to voice your views.

How To Achieve Success Beyond Measure

1. Define success in measurable terms
2. Develop step by step action plans designed to achieve the intended results.
3. Make adjustments as you get feedback on how you are doing vs. you plan.  This is the Plan vs Actual = Variance formula I share at all my live event presentations.  I have named this The Gold Formula.
4. Be relentless every day on implementing the action plan you you developed to achieve your success goals
5. End you day on a positive note with completing an important task or successfully marketing to one more client or an existing one.
6. Never ever lose site of the goal of being part of a better outcome as a result of you coming to the table.

Action Steps

Start Paying Attention To Every Elected Official’s Stance On Our Economy and Government.
Advocates of government being the answer should be fired.

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