I Don’t Want A Second Term For Obama.. Here Are Just Some of The Reasons:

It must stop. The insanity, the LIES, the extreme domination OBUMA is bent on. When you see the plans that have just been uncovered for his second term in office, you’ll be blown away.It is the likes of NOTHING we have ever seen here in America.

America’s Fraud President has risen to the level of extreme—extreme socialist, extreme cunning and control and ultimate domination. What is all of this leading to? The EXTREME DESTRUCTION of America.

The land of the free and the home of the brave—the country we so love—now being brought to her knees.

We must FIRE HIM NOW Patriots. There’s no time to spare.

The elections are coming soon and if he is reelected, the darkest days will be yet to come.

Behind the scenes Liberal Progressive groups have been working overtime, crafting Obama’s second-term all-out annihilation plan. Do NOT kid yourself: these organizations are powerful—and their plans will obliterate America as we know it.

Here’s what we learned this week…

In a new book just released, “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed,” New York Times best-selling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliot spill the raw details of Obama’s evil master plan.

Mind you, this book is based on exhaustive research into Obama’s upcoming presidential plans and policies, as well as second-term recommendations of major progressive groups behind Obama and the Democratic leadership.

These are the very organizations given free rein to craft legislation and set the political and rhetorical agenda for the president and his allies— and they have more power than you can imagine.

If you thought the first four years were bad, wait until you read what Klein and Elliot have uncovered: extensive plans created by Obama’s own top advisors and progressive strategists that build government power at the expense of American citizens.

This is not for the fainthearted—
it’ll disgust and enrage you!
Even as it brings you to the boiling point, take those powerful, raw emotions and use them wisely. After you read this and puke, send it to one friend or 100 friends. We must band together toTAKE OBAMA OUT in the coming election . Only then can we stop this madness.

We must get the word out not only about the unending frauds—from the forged birth certificate to his tightly sealed records—but also about America’s Fraud President’s disgusting second term plan.

We need your help because we cannot do it alone. Spread the word far and wide with as much urgency as you can. People must know about all of this.

Then donate now to help us continue making massive numbers of calls around the nation, alerting your friends, neighbors, coworkers and others about the Obamatrocities that have taken place—and those about to incur.

With your help we can boost our efforts to the highest levels.

Oust Obama - Donate now

Get ready for government-controlled businesses, banks and yes, MORE failed BAILOUTS!
If you thought the auto industry bailout was bad here’s the next failure on tap.

It’s not pretty and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Despite Obama taking credit for the bailout and “rise” of the auto industry, we all know he lies. All the unions were paid off and all the shareholders got…screwed. Yet the King touts it as if he were the savior.

Here’s the thing:

Now Obama is saying he wants to repeat that “success” in every manufacturing industry.

Do you know what will happen if the government continues to stick its grubby hands in the private sector? That’s right: the destruction of America. No more capitalism and free enterprise. It will be DESTROYED, obliterated, wiped out.

Can you believe he actually wants to give even MORE money to the green industry—despite wasting billions in taxpayer dollars to fund now BANKRUPT solar companies?

Can you say Solyndra? Remember, Obama donors had ties to those companies.

Corruption and cronyism running rampant at whose expense? OURS!

Fool Me Twice details recommendations for more government funds to be doled out to manufacturing industries and specifically, the “green industry.”

Yep, you heard right. Adding fuel to the already out-of-control fire, a report by the de facto policy nerve center for the White House—the Center of American Progress—recommends a federal “green bank” that would loan funds or grant them to co-called clean energy companies.

Okay so we have a government that is spending OUT OF CONTROL and they want to create a “green bank.”

Oh, it gets worse. Here’s the plan:

“…the proposed Energy Independence Trust would hold sufficient reserves to protect the Treasury for loan losses, and would be able to offer a variety of debt-and equity-based financial instruments, loan guarantees and tax incentives to draw a wave of private capital into the clean energy sector.”— Excerpt from “Fool Me Twice”

OH REALLY? The government who can’t run ANYTHING successfully wants to create a “green bank.” Remember what has happened to all the other government run or funded programs: BIG, FAT FAILURE!

To top it all off, the report calls for the Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Transportation to join forces—of all things to fund a slush fund!!!!

Calling it the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, its main job would be to “improve access to affordable housing, increase transportation options and lower transportation costs while protecting the environment.”

Sure, guess who will be the first to BANKRUPT the slush fund? Obama and his political minions.

Every single government-run program in history has been a DISASTER. Name ONE that is successful or hasn’t been run or isn’t currently being run into the ground by government mismanagement.

Government track record: 100% FAILURE RATE


    • Welfare: FAIL
    • Social Security: BROKE = FAIL
    • Medicare and Medicaid: BROKE = FAIL
    • US Postal Service: BROKE = FAIL
    • Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac: BROKE = CATASTROPHIC FAIL
      (Contributed to the worst economic collapse in 80 years!!!)
    • Stimulus Plan: EPIC FAIL
    • Cash for Clunkers: EPIC FAIL
    • ObamaCare: CATASTROPHIC FAIL; BROKE before it even starts
    • Redistribution of wealth: MONUMENTAL EPIC FAIL
      Need I say more?

Are you ready for this? Obama to give sweeping powers to incompetent government agencies that will decide how much money you can make.

“Economic Fairness” is rearing its ugly head again. As Klein and Elliot put it in “Fool Me Twice,” this is just more of raunchy rhetoric from Obama that comes straight from the Marxist concept of “economic justice.”

Bottomline: you can kiss your salary based on performance, skill and worth goodbye.

Under Obama’s second term plan, the government would gain sweeping powers that would require employers to pay you according to some pie-in-the-sky fake calculation of a job’s “value”—oh no, not what the private marketing is willing to pay for your skills but what the GOVERNMENT values your job at.

Talk about sending shivers down your spine.

Get this. Other government agencies would allow bum bureaucrats to decide which jobs are underpaid and would require that employers raise wages. What’s wrong with this? EVERYTHING.

So you’re out there working hard to earn a good living and some lazy blowhard who only wants handouts is going to get a raise because the government has decided he or she is underpaid—and should be getting paid what you’re being paid. NEVERMIND the lazy asses who don’t want to work.

YEP, there goes another government “gimme” at our expense. Another equal distribution of everything you make and work for.

Then there’s the LIVING WAGE. Barack ‘bad economy’ Obama would raise the minimum wage for all employees across the country. The “Living Wage” is a pet project of ACORN. Enough said?

Just to ensure you see the big picture, it has been tried in more than 80 U.S. cities and has had DISASTEROUS EFFECTS many times over.

We must FIRE HIM NOW before he inflicts such monumental damage that can never recover.

He is bent on abandoning and betraying the working class AND small business to institute his welfare class—a society that is more dependent on government and government handouts. What does that accomplish? A government that holds the power over the people.

Oh there’s plenty more where all this came from that’s part of Obama’s second term ASSAULT ON AMERICA.
Let me enlighten you.

According to Fool Me Twice, among the ASSAULT ON AMERICA Obama plans to carry out in his second term:


    • Stealth plans that grant amnesty to even MORE illegals—all done through executive orders and agency directives. What else? When Obama can’t get what he wants through Congress he just goes around them—no regard for the laws of our land.
    • New restrictions on apprehending illegals who will be part of what they will call the “vulnerable population.” Vulnerable defined as anyone who provides support to minor children, parents or other dependants and those who have medical or mental health needs. Yep, pretty much ALL illegals.
    • It would no longer be legal to apprehend undocumented persons on the premises or in the vicinity of more than 20 public places – and don’t dare try to apprehend the pregnant or disabled illegals. Insanity!!!
    • Caps would be removed on highly restricted visas—someone thinks the US isn’t giving out enough green cards. Talk about balls!
    • Registration of illegals would be snatched from Congress and placed with an agency in the executive branch. Can you say communist state?
    • Register the new illegals as voters. Of course, and next thing you know O’Fraud would be changing terms limits for the president of the United States—with all the “new Americans” behind him.
    • Government-funded, neighborhood-based programs to integrate the newly amnestied immigrants into society, including education centers and health care centers. Mmmm hmmm, and who’se going to pay for THAT? We are.
    • A 21st century version of FDR’s Works Progress Administration program within the Department of Labor that would oversee a massive new bureaucracy and millions of new federal jobs.Great, MORE government, just what we need—NOT.
    • Swiping control of the military budget from Congress by placing an ”independent panel” in charge of military spending—while slashing our defense budget to jaw dropping levels. Talk about feeling stripped naked with no protection!
  • Enacting single-payer health care legislation controlled by…the federal government. The same federal government who has never run a successful program in its history. God help us all.


We must get America’s Liar-in-Chief out NOW. He is a threat, a danger and a menace to America. 

He is committing nothing less than heresy to the Constitution and the people of the United States!!!

Do you agree?


Does he make your skin crawl?

Do you feel like you’re going to explode every time you hear another lie spewing from his mouth?

Do you just want to stand up and slap him across the face for the disgrace he brings to our country?

Can you even stomach the thought of ANOTHER FOUR YEARS that will be nothing less that sinister socialism, evil dictatorship and extreme control over American citizens lives?

Okay, then you must ACT NOW. Time is running out and you must step up and do your part. Get ready to do battle with the enemy. None of this “yeah I’ll do it later” do it NOW! Elections are less than 12 weeks away.

A personal message for you from Dr. Jerome Corsi  MoBILIZE!  Do it now because… </p>

Washington D.C. –The Tea Party no longer has the luxury of simply trying to win, it is now “do or die” for America. The struggle is between a socialist agenda and the survival of the Free-Enterprise Republic. Decide now to join us in our fight…or be doomed to live in a country that is shackled and socialized. There is no middle ground.

To be perfectly clear, if the Tea Party falters now…if we lay back or slack off then America will be gone forever.

Dr. Corsi video
Watch the shocking video as Dr. Corsi broadcasts from Washington, D.C.

American citizens have witnessed firsthand the destructive power of Obama’s socialist agenda and seen, with their own eyes, the destruction that Sal Alinsky tactics have brought.

Dr. Corsi has travelled to Washington, D.C. to meet with powerful people on behalf of the Tea Party and 1776 Nation. In a moment of time he puts pours his heart out to the Tea Party, imploring them to put Romney/Ryan in the White House and FIRE OBAMA and his minions.

Dr. Corsi created this video just for you!


Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD. Tells The Tea Party: “MOBILIZE!”


Dr. Corsi 

Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Harvard PhD and author of over 37 books, including 5 New York Times bestsellers. Dr. Corsi authored “Unfit for Command”—the #1 NY Times bestseller—that exposed John Kerry as a fake war hero in 2004, denying John Kerry his bid for the White House. Dr. Corsi wrote the outstanding “ObamaNation,” the book which defines Obama’s background and raises serious questions about the president’s citizenship. 

Furthermore, because of new revelations, Dr. Corsi is adding to his bestselling book “ObamaNation” new and previously undisclosed information which no doubt, will send shockwaves of fear through the liberal regime and shake America to the bone! 

“Tea Party, it is time to mobilize in great numbers and restore our beloved nation to its glory”

We cannot afford another four years of America’s Fraud President, OBUMA.

Get off the couch and get going. We need you now more than ever. Donate now to help fund our efforts to fire his sorry ass before he can deal us the most catastrophic blow of all: turning America the free into America the shackled, led by an evil dictator.

We already have complete lawlessness running rampant through the O’Socialist administration. Now we learn (not like we are surprised mind you) that…

America’s Commander-in-Thief’s secret reelection strategy is to ABUSE his power and commit widespread voter FRAUD
Yep, you read that right. Besides bribing his core constituencies he is hell-bent on encouraging, enabling and spurring on with every means possible to rampantly abuse America’s election system.

You are already seeing some of this take place in his attacks against Mitt Romney—commercials FILLED with nothing but FLAT OUT LIES. It’s outrageous!

How can this be—that he would pull off something so huge?

According to the Whistleblower, which has done an in-depth report on this issue, Obama and his corrupt administration are already at it. They…

– Consistently suppress, disqualify and mishandle votes cast by our own military men and women—those deployed overseas protecting our country.

Do you know: in the November 2010 mid-term election, less than 5 percent of military voters were able to cast an absentee vote that counted, according to data released by the federal Election Assistance Commission? Well sure, because they tend to vote Republican and NOT in Obama’s favor.

Our own military men and women ROBBED of their vote.

What’s more as part of the ROB THE VOTE plan:


    • 2 million DEAD people are included in U.S. voter rolls
    • Washington is viciously fighting Florida’s attempt to clean up and purge voter records of illegals, deceased, non-citizens and those not eligible to vote
    • Lax controls at voter polls
    • A national campaign soliciting foreigners to register to vote
    • New schemes to stuff ballot boxes nationwide being secretly planned
    • Communist and Muslim nations being asked to assess US American voter-ID laws: There’s only one response to this: WTF?
    • Strong opposition to the use of photo ID at voter polls by the Washington Gestapo.
      Ok, yeah, you have to show ID to cash a check, buy beer, get on an airplane, get into a Michelle Obama book signing and even to get a welfare check…but not to vote. What’s wrong with this picture?
      Are you feeling shock and disbelief, shaking your head thinking “No way, Obama wouldn’t do that…would he?” You damn well better believe it.
      Remember, this is America’s most notorious criminal who has gone to great lengths to conceal his true identity and birth place. He had his birth certificate altered and presented a FORGERY to the American public.
      Now, here is the thing and you need to hear this loud and clear:
      We’re making inroads but we need to keep the momentum of the ONE MILLION HOUSEHOLD BLITZ campaign going strong—getting the word out about Obama’s fraud persona, his lies, deceptions and absolutely despicable plans for his second term.
      Don’t count on the media. They are useless for reporting anything that paints Obama in a bad light—they simply won’t tell the truth.

The Lame Stream Media protects their love child

In recent days, the Obama Regime has attacked the:


    • Tea Party
    • Mitt Romney
    • Paul Ryan
    • U.S. Constitution
    • Conservative form of government
    • America’s system of checks and balances (no more Congressional approval needed for presidential appointees)
  • Freedom, guns and the American way.

But the truth of the matter is clear, open and concise.

While Obama strains to accuse Romney of horrible and despicable acts, the people of the Tea Party know better!

We also know that O’Liar and his sheep will stop at nothing to smear conservatives and those with good Christian values—just to win the election. They have no souls, no conscience.

We are less than 12 weeks from Election Day and there is absolutely no time to waste. Nor do we have time for panty wastes so get going. We can’t do this alone, we have to do it together at the grassroots level.

We are doing it—as evidenced in the Tea Party victories across the nation—Ted Cruz of Texas being the latest victory.

But…we need you to donate now to keep our efforts on turbo-charge.

We’ve had to really ratchet up our efforts the closer we get so anything you can do—a donation large or small will help!

Donate $23 and you help us reach 100 households. $230 reaches 1,000!!!! Whatever you can give will fuel our efforts to get the word out to FIRE OBAMA! Fire him before he takes down America.

It takes an army to get this stuff out…coordinate the campaign efforts, create the messages, distribute the messages and reach the people. People who deserve to know that Obama is evil incarnate.

We will NOT put up and shut up nor will we let those who tend to be apathetic.

Look how far your dollars can go when you donate to our campaign to SEND HIM TO THE UNEMPLOYEMENT LINE!:

How many households will you help at .23 cents each?

100 Households – 23.00

250 Households – 57.50

500 Households – 115.00

1,000 Households – 230.00

2,000 Households – 460.00

4,000 Households – 920.00

10,000 Households – 2,300.00

Many Households – DONATE

Oust Obama - Donate now

Don’t say you weren’t warned:
The REIGN OF TERROR is upon us
Lucifer Incarnate—the fraud, the cheat, the deceiver, the liar and murderer of innocent babies who sits in the Oval Office—will create a Reign of Terror so horrific we will never recover … unless you act NOW.

Under his Reign of Terror there has been nothing less than oppression, suppression and depression and now he plans even MORE government control by deciding how much money you can make, for starters.

Under his pathetic “leadership” if you can even call it that, the country has disintegrated. Think about it:


    • 26 million are underemployed
    • 47 million Americans are living in poverty—that’s 1 in 7
    • Federal debt and deficit are the highest since World War II
    • Long-term unemployment is the highest since the 1930s
    • Home ownership is the lowest since 1965
    • Government dependency is at the highest level EVER in American history
      What’s the best way to control the people of a nation? Force them into submission. Force them into EXTREME dependence on the government.
      We can’t trust a word O’Liar says nor what he does. Think of the scam he’s been pulling off:


yet he said he was going to create jobs.
yet he promised unemployment would drop to 5.6% by the end of his term.

yet he said he was an American-born citizen.

yet he promised he wouldn’t raise taxes.

yet he proudly proclaimed “the private sector is doing just fine.”

yet he had the balls to say if you have your own business, you didn’t build it. (And he’s continuing to lie right to your face in his new commercials saying “I didn’t say that.” OH YES YOU DID O’SCUMO!!!)


Together we CAN stop him!
NO MORE… say “HELL NO” to 4 more!
If you feel this way then
Oust Obama - Donate now
Who is this evil force…satan in a suit?

He is one who conceals more than he reveals.

The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something </p>
<p>to hide. --President Barack Obama
Where was he born? Who’s his daddy? What is his real name? Did he actually graduate from any school? What’s he hiding that he spent $3 MILLION to conceal? It has to be HUGE when the veil of secrecy is torn away—and it WILL be.

It’s time to get super nasty—nastier and more vengeful than we have ever been. 

The gloves are off. We won’t stop until we’ve ripped him to shreds and he cowers off to wherever he really came from. We won’t stop until more conservative, Constitution-loving Christians take back control of Washington.

The momentum has already started and we are now in the middle of a ferocious campaign to FIRE AMERICA’S FRAUD PRESIDENT—TAKE HIM OUT. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

If we don’t rid ourselves of this monster now, he’ll take from the mouths of your family and give it to illegals who don’t want a job, only a handout.

Most recently Obama declared welfare recipients don’t even have to prove they are looking for a job.


As Obama disembowels our Free-Enterprise Republic, his liberal lunatics cheer him on. They drank the Kool-Aid and apparently did the drugs. Clearly they’re STILL doing them.

But YOU have the POWER to make things happen. Donate now to keep the campaign to blow America’s Fraud President out of office going strong.

We depend on you and need you. Our country needs you. If you’re going to sit back and say “my vote doesn’t count, I can’t do anything by myself” then kiss off. That kind of slacker crap attitude is a vote for Obama.

If you’re going to sit there and say “Well, I don’t like the other candidate so I’m not going to vote” then you’re casting a vote for Obama and the total destruction of America.

Remember what he has done thus far:


    • Shoving ObamaCare—the plan NO ONE wanted, down our throats
    • Slapping Americans with the biggest tax in the history of our country
    • Applauding the advances of the Muslim Brotherhood
    • Demanding government-paid abortions and blowing away religious freedom
    • Forbidding domestic oil production
    • Approving drones to fly over America
    • Defunding NASA
    • Waging war on Libya without a cause
    • Demanding the U.N. take out guns
    • Taking on the second amendment, threatening again, our right to bear arms
    • Running up the largest deficit in the history of America
    • Giving BILLIONS to solar companies that have since gone bankrupt
    • Refusing to visit Israel, throwing the Jews under the bus
    • Giving illegals a free ride on the backs of hardworking Americans
    • Appointing 45 “czars” into office (hello, this is America B.O., not a communist country!!!)
    • Putting the enforcement of ObamaCare in the hands of…the IRS
    • Sucking at the trough, taking 19 vacations in 3 years on our tax dollars
    • Spending tens of billions in taxpayer dollars and breaking legally binding contracts to give his union buddies a big, fat payoff
    • Stimulating NOTHING with his stimulus plans except the wallets of big wigs on Wall Street—and his own narcissistic ego
    • 8% unemployment for 40 straight months
    • $4 billion in new debt EVERY DAY
    • Spending, spending, spending while lying and telling Americans we need to cut spending. Need I say more?
      Are you with us? Can we count you in to stand with us and FIGHT for this election to take America back?!
      Patriots, it’s time to get ready and FIRE America’s Fraud President. Let’s roll.

Oust Obama - Donate now

PS: You need to help us spread the message far and wide, like never before. The American people need to know before they go to the polls, what the true face of evil has done and plans to do:


    • ObamaCare kills people with end of life benefit denial
    • ObamaCare reduces medication for patients deemed terminal
    • Obama has used multiple Social Security numbers and not paid taxes on them
    • Obama’s liberal progressive agenda shuts down coal plants, refuses to allow domestic oil drilling
    • Obama fights the Bush tax cuts and ObamaTax raises taxes
    • Obama has endorsed Eric Holder’s “Gun Walking – Fast and Furious” which killed Border Patrol Agents, loving mothers and fathers, innocent grandparents and children in Mexico and the U.S.
    • Orders the police to allow hooligan Occupy mobs to break laws
    • Now he claims double-digit lead over Romney
      Of all the insulting, vile and contemptuous things is to create is a lynch-mob of voters to hang an innocent man! DISGUSTING! And this, my fellow Patriots, is what is leading America right now. You must stand up to Obama’s lies and anti-Constitutional leadership. Say to Obama and his regime:

Oust Obama - Donate now


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